AD9850 IDAC Max Current???


    I am working on a project where i use AD9850. In datahseet, its mentioned that IDAC can vary from 5 to 20mA,

    according to RSET.

    So what is the maximum current which IDAC can out??

    I need a 25mA is it possible???


Sony Sunny

  • Hi Sony Sunny

    The maximum rating declared in the datasheet(page 4) is 30 mA. So you can change RSET such that you can increase the reference current that flows in the DAC up until the full scale current would reach 25 mA. The reference formula you can use is Iout = 32(1.248 V / RSET) (page 5).

    Best Regards


  • Thanks Louijie,

        I need to verify, I have set reset  3.3kohm to get output current 0.0121018.

        My signal amplitude is 0.025,So i connected a 2ohm resistor across IOUT and IOUTB.

        Whether there is anything wrong in my design??

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sony Sunny