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AD9910 controlled by MBED LPC1768 via SPI

I am a student with no experience in programming, and my project consists in controlling this DDS (AD9910) with the MBED model specified above. I am trying to send anything from de microcontroler to the DDS but I haven't have success. The code I have tested is attached in this discussion and I had tried lots of modifications on the numbers - including the frequency and format of SPI - but I have had no response on the DDS. Despite of that, I have successful communicated the MBED with a digital potentiometer with a similar code ( I will attach both codes). Can anyone help? I'm kind of lost. Thanks.
  • Hi,

    Are you using the AD9910 evaluation board or you have a custom board? In case you have a custom board, can you share its schematic?

    To verify that the communication to the part is successfully established, you can try to enable or disable bit 22 of CFR2 and check the output on SYNC_CLK (pin 55).

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  • Hi mark,

    I'm using the AD9910 evaluation board itself.

    I'm going to try enable/disable this bit.

    Thanks for the help,


  • Hi Mark,

    After sendind a pulse to MASTER_RESET pin I could then control the SYNC_CLK output.

    Thanks for the help,


  • I have successful established the communication between the AD9910 and the mbed's microcontroller (I can enable or disable the SYNC_CLK output through the Mbed), but I still didn't have an output in the J3 (UNFILTERED IOUT) or the J4 (FILTERED IOUT) pins. Which registers do I have to modify to observe the output?

    PS.: I have tried to obtain the output in the Single Tone and the RAM modes selecting the profiles through the Profile pins( P[0 ..2]) at the U6 header.