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FAQ: Using the Offset Register in AD536x and AD537x DACs


How do I use the offset register in AD536x and AD537x DACs?



The Offset register sets the offset voltage of a 14-bit DAC. The DAC can be used to move the output span of a group of channels up or down to within 1.4V of the power supplies. The default value for the Offset DAC in the AD536x is 0x2000. This gives an output range of -10V to +10V with a 5V reference. A 1 LSB change in the Offset register value results in a (20V/16384)=1.22mV change in the output voltage. Decreasing the Offset DAC value increases the offset on the group. Increasing the Offset DAC value decreases the offset on the group. The values that can be validly programmed to the Offset DAC are determined by the reference voltage. See the relevant AD536x or AD537x data sheet for more information.

General Information:

This document covers the denseDAC family. AD536x refers to the AD5360, AD5361, AD5362 and AD5363 eight and 16 channel DACs. AD537x refers to the AD5370, AD5371, AD5372 and AD5373 thirty two and 40 channel DACs.