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FAQ: X1A and X1B Registers in the AD536x and AD537x DACs


What is the Difference Between the X1A and X1B Registers in the AD536x and AD537x DACs?



Both registers act exactly the same. By default the X1A register is selected. The X1B can be selected by setting the A/B bit in the control registers to 1. When the user writes to either the X1A or X1B register the calibration engine performs a calculation and places the result in the appropriate X2 register. The user can select which of the X2 registers is to be loaded to the DAC by programming the appropriate bit in A/B Select registers.

This has the advantage of being able to pre-program the X2 registers with high and low values, i.e. a high value in X2A and a low value in X2B. The user can then quickly switch between values by programming the bits in the A/B Select registers.

General Information:

This document covers the denseDAC family. AD536x refers to the AD5360, AD5361, AD5362 and AD5363 eight and 16 channel DACs. AD537x refers to the AD5370, AD5371, AD5372 and AD5373 thirty two and 40 channel DACs.