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AD5592R/AD5592R-1 FAQ


Q1. What is the difference between the AD5592R and AD5592R-1?

A1. The operation and performance of the DACs, ADCs and GPOIs in the AD5592R and AD5592R-1 is identical. The AD5592R is a true single supply device. There is one VDD pin which can be supplied by 2.7V to 5.5V. The logic levels of the AD5592R are set by the VDD level. An input logic 1 is 0.7 x VDD or greater and an input logic 0 is 0.3 x VDD or less. When operating with a 5V VDD this may require higher logic levels than available. The AD5592R has a hardware reset pin which is not available on the AD5592R-1.

The AD5592R-1 has a VDD pin and a VLOGIC pin. The VLOGIC pin sets the logic levels for the interface pins independent of VDD. For example, this allows the DAC and ADC to operate with a 5V range (VDD => 5V) while the logic levels can operate at 1.8V to 5.5V.

Q2. Can I mix DAC writes with GPIO writes?

A2. Yes. DAC writes and writes to pins set as digital outputs require a single write each. This allows a DAC to be updated with one write operation and a digital output to be changed on the next write.

Q3. Can I mix ADC reads with GPIO reads?

A3. It is possible to do this but not when an ADC sequence is running. To read the state of a GPIO pin the ADC sequence must be allowed to complete or be stopped. The GPIO pin can then be read. It is also possible to do single channel conversions and follow that with a GPIO read.

Q4. Can I use the ADC to monitor the DAC voltage?

A4. Yes. To do this simply set a pin as a DAC and ADC in the appropriate configuration register. You can then include the DAC as a channel in an ADC conversion sequence and the voltage on the DAC pin will be returned as an ADC value.

Q5. Can I have different ranges on the DACs and ADCs

A5. Yes. The ADCs have a range select bit to select an input range of 0V to VREF or 0V to 2VREF. Similarly, the DACs have a range select bit to select an output range of 0V to VREF or 0V to 2VREF. The range select bits apply to all ADCs or all DACs. It is not possible to select a per channel range.