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AD5203: Negative voltage at the output

Is it possible to connect a negative voltage to any of the potentiometers
outputs (A,B,AGND) in order to achieve a negative voltage at the wiper (W)? I
need a voltage range from -5V to 0V. If it is possible, which output(s) have to
be connected to -5V?


No it is not possible to have a negative voltage at the wiper output because
the AD5203 is a single supply device (2.7 - 5.5V) and the potentiometers
terminal voltages must be within the supply voltage range. Supply signals
present on terminals A, B, and W that exceed VDD or GND will be clamped by the
internal forward biased diodes. A better option, if outputs have to be
connected to -5v would be to use one of the dual supply devices such as the