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AD524: Working in a strong magnetic field

Will AD524 work in a strong magnetic field
I need to use your AD524 in a 2Tesla magnetic field. Will it work. It is needed
to provide intrumentation for superconductive magnet system.

Will " hall effect " be a problem ?

please offer some advice


Our plastic packages all use copper alloys. The copper used in the manufacture
of leadframes has weak magnetic properties, and it is believed that it affects
the performance of Hall-Effect devices (like AD22151). Our ceramic/cerdip
alloys use either Kovar/Alloy 42 which have an Fe content and so could be
magnetised. The AD524 is available in these package styles.

DC magnetic fields cannot couple to the i/p's, o/ps are supplies to our IC's
and therefore will not cause a problem to the operation of our devices.

The three general points of EMI/RFI coupling are 1)signal i/ps, 2)signal o/ps
and 3)power supplies. At a minimum, all power supply pin connections on analog
and digital IC's should be de-coupled with 0.1uF ceramic capacitors.

Our seminar material on the web, CH9 of the "Practical Analog Design
Techniques" details ways of designing for EMI protection. Refer to the
following page,