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AD524: Theta JA(Junction to Ambient Temperature) and Theta JC (Junction to case Temperature)

Theta JA and Theta JC are not mentioned  which is very much needed for my
project, can you provide please?


We don't specify these numbers for older parts such as the AD524, but the good
news is that this is dominated by the package, not the IC itself. In general,
for side-brazed DIP packages, you can estimate 20°C/W junction to case and 100°
C/W for junction to ambient (note the use of word "estimation" since there may
be variations introduced by different die attach methods, etc). Be aware that
the latter only applies if the part is mounted on a 4-layer JEDEC board. Please
refer to page 1 on the following document for definition. Data for other
packages and board standards may be found here as well.