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AD5252 I2C pins on VDD+0.3V

I'd like supplying the AD5252 with +/-3Vdc instead of +/-2.75V, and using 
0/+3.3V for I2C digital signals. Could I encounter some problems? The absolute
max ratings for supply is Vdd to Vss =7V, and Vdd+0.3V for digital I2C bus.
Thankings a lot for in advice


If you supply VDD = 3V, then ideally, you should be OK supplying 3.3V to the
digital pins as it's within the VDD + 0.3V limit advised by the datasheet.

However, you need to be mindful of the tolerance of the power supply, if the
supply drops & the digital exceeds VDD + 0.3V, this could damage the part.