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AD5412 output voltage range

What is AD5412 output voltage (VOUT pin) range when device is used 0-10V
unipolar mode. AVDD=11V and AVSS= 0V? What is output voltage swing from supply
rail  (0V level and 10V level)? I'm not able to figure this out from datasheet.


On the low side, assuming Vo is unloaded, the Vo zeroscale will be typically 0
- 20mV. If you have a resistor to GND, this will help pull the output to GND.
Conversely if you have a load to another voltage then the part will find it
more difficult to pull to GND, depending on the Rload and the voltage it is
terminated to.

On the high side, the headroom is spec'd as 0.8V max, so with 11V as the
supply, the fullscale output will be 10V. If you have an external buffer (used
when shorting V and I together as in Figure 79 of the datasheet), this may
limit the headroom.