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As below figure1 shown, "The preclear value can be restored by pulsing the
LATCH signal low without clocking any data."  My question is:
1. When I pulse the LATCH Signal, what level the CLEAR Pin should be? High or
2. One customer said: when he give the LATCH signal a rising edge, the preclear
value can be restored. So I want to confirm the meaning of "Pulsing the LATCH
signal low" is: make LATCH from High to low, or make LATCH from high to low,
then to high?


When it says pulse LATCH low it means bring LATCH low and then back high again,
this assumes that the LATCH signal is idling high, if LATCH is idling low then
a positive edge on LATCH will restore the pre-clear value. The rising edge of
LATCH is the active edge. Basically all that is needed is a positive edge on