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AD5420: What happens to output current if supply voltage drops below 10.8V, at what point is shutdown?

We are considering using AD5420 for an industrial analog output, but have a
concern regarding power down. What happens when the supply voltage drops below
10.8 V? Will it shut down exactly at 10.8 V or at an unspecified voltage below
10.8 V.


When the supply voltage starts dropping below 10.8V the reference voltage will
begin to drop, which will mean the output current will also begin to drop
The reset circuitry is controlled by DVdd and the device will reset when DVdd
drops below ~2V. This will place the output into tri-state at this point. If
using the internal DVdd supply then this will happen at some DVdd voltage a bit
higher than 2V as the DVdd supply is referenced to the internal reference