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AD5446: SFDR

1. In the AD5446 datasheet, It just has a SFDR specification under fout=50KHz
and 20KHz. And it does not specify it under fout=500KHz. I also checked AD5449
datasheet, it offers this spec under 500KHz fout. Could you give me AD5446 SFDR
under 500KHz if you have it? Or can you give me some selection advice that SFDR
is bigger than 70dB under 500KHz fout, resolution is 14/16bit, Fs>1MHz
AD5446:   refer to table1

AD5449:  refer to table2

2. In the datasheet figure 26 and figure 27, what is MCLK? Is it sclk? I can’t
find another explaination for it.


Although there are no tests for SFDR Performance at 500KHz fout, the AD5446 has
the same core as AD5449, so for fout = 500KHz there should be an SFDR value of
about ~60dB - ~65dB.

MCLK refers to the DAC Update Rate, the amount of samples per second.