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AD5449 mixed mode DACloading query

Can i mix and match the DAC loading protocol interface mode.


No, do not  mix and match with different modes of operation. We advise to
either use one or the other i.e.(SERIAL INTERFACE SPI mode) as defined in the
datasheet rev.D . i.e. as describe in page 20 and the
format as in with fig. 47, fig. 46 in conjunction with table 11. Or the
Standalone Mode see page 21. Or using the LDAC function as in fig 2 with the
packet info as in fig 46. 

Do not mixed and match. As operation can be synchronous and then
asynchronous, as well as the data format may fall short and/or is delayed
during the
capture loading process.

(2) make sure the configuration and setup is in place prior to operation. Note
it's best to have it
initialise e.g. figure 47, table 11, the Disable daisy-chain bit etc etc.

(3) Note once data are being setup the LDAC (pin) function loads the two DAC
simultaneously. see figure 1.