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AD5522 Evaluation Board kit documenation does not match datasheet Rev E?

We have just bought your AD5522 Evaluation Kit but the shipped documentation
seems to be outdated as it is related to board rev. A and my board has
silkscreened rev. B. I have also downloaded the software of the kit from your
web but the documentation contained in the installation is also related to
board rev.A.

Moreover, the AD5522 pinout in the schematics of the kit documentation does not
match with the AD5522 pinout of datasheet rev.E

Could you please send me an updated version of the kit documentation


Note that there are two versions of the AD5522 eval board as the AD5522 is
available in two package options.

The Evalboards are as follows:

(i) EVAL-AD5522EBDZ (exposed paddle down – i.e. on the bottom of the package)
note that the hardware matching this boards is REV B.
(ii)EVAL-AD5522EBUZ (exposed paddle up – i.e. on the top of the package) note
that the hardware matching this boards is REV A.

Can you confirm which Evalboard you have?

I suspect it’s the paddle down version. The User Guide shows just the paddle
up, but essentially both schematics are the same (but the package options are
reversed & flipped between the two).

I’ve attached the schematics for both here.