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AD5522: Bandwidth of the Signal that can be Measured by the Comparator

When forcing High-Z at the FOH output (the AD5522 is configured as input for
voltage measurments), what is the BW of the signal that can be measured by the
comparator CPOH/CPOL pins?


Bench measurements have been performed on the MeasH path to determine a typical
maximum clock rate.  The measured results are listed below and the waveforms
are attached.  The maximum toggle rate will be much higher with a sine wave
input compared to a square wave input due to internal buffer slew rate limits.
 In the attached plots, Ch1 is the input waveform, Ch2 is the comparator output
waveform, and Ch3 is the Measout waveform.  

Input                                     Comparator Max Toggle Rate
100mVpp Sine wave                             2.5Mhz
6Vpp Sine wave                                1.5Mhz
6Vpp Square wave                              400kHz