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AD5623R CLR pin

Does the nCLR pin of the AD5623R have an internal pull-up resistor? I see on
your example board it seems you do not need to connect the CLR pin for normal
(non-cleared) operation, and only pull the pin to ground if you need to clear.
I am currently connecting the CLR pin to VDD through a 10k resistor (series)
and a 10uF and 0.1uF capacitor (parallel). This works normally, but I have
noticed on rare occasions the device appears to clear itself. Should I change
the resistor value, or just leave it disconnected for the most robust


AD5623R does not have internal pull up resistor. We would prefer to have a 2k
pull up resistor and it should be connected to VDD very close to DUT and we
would prefer not to have capacitor in parallel as any glitch in VDD could
couple to CLRB pin causing the CLRB pin voltage to be different from the
internal VDD of the DUT.