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AD565A: did a AD565A/BIN exist?

I am trying toi identify a part from an internal database which is incomplete.
We refer to a device as a AD565AJD/BIN but I can find no reference outside of
our organisation to this device. I believe it is an AD565AJD. Can you please
confirm that there has or has never been an AD565AJD/BIN product. If such a
device hasexisted please can you supply a dat sheet for it


Please find attached the datasheet (Scanned Version from a 1989 catalogue)
including the AD565A/BIN.

The /BIN indicated a binary code.

In those time a /BCD as an Input was possible as well.

The AD565A never had a /BCD option. THE AD562 a predecessor of the AD565A had
this option.
This is the reason why the AD565A/BIN came up to separte from the AD562/BCD.

Sorry for the scanned format.

Important at the scanned datasheet is table 1 - Digital Input Code. - it is the
same as the actual AD565 datasheet.