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AD5700: HART Manufacturing ID

If i am using your HART modem IC can I use your Manufacturer ID in the HART


The manufacturer ID and manufacturers ID codes are assigned by the Hart
Communication Foundation (HCF), and are related to the end device, not to the
physical layer modem used.
The manufacturer ID 000004 and Device Type 0401 refer to the registered demo
AD5700-D2Z, with a (full) software version used for the registration.
The demo that we are providing to customers, with identical hardware, but with
limited demo software version, reports device type 0404. That device type is
not registered with HCF.
(Cannot be, as our demo Software responds only to command 0 and therefore is
not compliant with the HART protocol).

If somebody wants to evaluate our demo for his own use, he can use whatever ID
he wants for the evaluation.

However, if somebody wants to place a product on the market, he needs to get
assigned both the Manufacturers ID and the device type ID for that particular
product by the HCF. The Manufacturer ID and Device ID are confirmed by the
registration of the product by the HCF.