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Eval-ADUCM360QSPZ + Demo-AD5700D2Z

I have a customer who has bought one of the Demo-AD5700D2Z He want s to write
some software so his Fluke 754 Documenting Process calibrator can communicate
with this board. Can he use the Keil Ulink 2 to program this board or will he
require the Eval-ADUCM360QSPZ to do this?


The easiest way if your customer uses the J-Link OB Emulator board shipped with

USB-SWD/UART board might be used for the required purpose , but this board is
not included in DEMO-AD5700 and we never sold it separately. ADI sold this
board with the EVAL-ADuCM360QSPZ kit before, but the concept has been changed
and today you can find the J-Link OB Emulator in the ADuCM360 eval kit. Please
see the attached picture.