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DEMO-AD5700D2Z kit : Finding a low cost IDE

I am looking at using the DEMO-AD5700D2Z kit (Complete 4 mA to 20 mA Loop
Powered Field Instrument with HART Interface) and want a low cost development
environment for modifying the sample code provided. Please can you advise which
IDE I should use as the list on your pages doesn't seem to include the M3


Any tool supporting SWD and Cortex M3 can be used for the development with our
Cortex M3 products including the ADuCM360 microcontroller used on
DEMO-AD5700D2Z kit

There are several free IDEs that you could use, for example:

emIDE :

Other useful resources:

ADuCM360 Development system  webpage:

We provide code limited evaluation versions of IAR and Keil with our Cortex M3
based ADuCM360 Developments kits:

Links to IAR and Keil: