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AD5722R, NC pins have 2 additional working DAC channel outputs (same as AD5724R)

I found out in my prototype board that the 2 channnel DAC AD5722R really has 4
useable DAC channels (same pinout and function as the 4 channel DAC AD5724R)
All 4 channels are working on AD5722R, the additional DAC channels 3 and 4 are
bonded out to the NC pins 4 and 22. Can you check with the designers if this is
really true or this is a mistake? Can I use the additional DAC channels?


The product line has spoken to our assembly engineers and I can confirm that
both DACs, AD5722R and AD5724R, share the same bonding diagram so yes the
additional two DACs are bonded out to the NC pins. Please note that pins 4 and
22 on AD5722R have not been tested so we cannot guarantee the functionality of
the part when these two (No Connect) pins are being used.