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AD574: Maximum ratings for 10V input

Please provide details (schematics) about the 10V analog input. Most important
question: is there any kind of protection device at the input (e.g. clamp
diodes to the supplies) or does the input directly connect to the 5k (nom.)


The 10V analog input connects directly to the 5k (thin film) resistor. The
protection diodes are after the input resistor as per figure 2 in the

We do not have a max rating for the 10V input on the datasheet, however as the
20V input has a max rating of +/-24V independent of the power supply, you can
assume the 10V input has a +/-10V max ratings when unpowered. Voltage
excursions slightly above +/-10V are unlikely to damage the part but as this is
not explicitly tested, we cannot guarantee.