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AD5755_vsense connection_DCDC_transfer function

a) If we are not using -Vsense and +Vsense pin , then what is  recommended
connections for these pins  whether to keep them floating or tie to some
voltage level  ?
b) If we are not using DC-DC feature then what should be the recommended
connections for following pins :-COMPdc-dc (pin nos. 23,32,48,57 ) , SW(
Switching  output for DC-DC converter pins 36,39,41,44 ) ,Ground connection for
switching DC-DC circuit (pin   nos.  37,38 ,42,43 )  .

c) What are the transfer function for other voltage and Current output ranges (
on page no.29 its there but only for +-10V output )


a) The –Vsense connection should be connected to ground and the +Vsense should
be connected to Vout. That said for the +Vsense connection I would connect this
near the output terminal to negate any voltage drops across any protection
circuitry, a high value resistor (e.g. 5kOhm) in series with the Vsense would
protect this terminal.

b) If not using the DCDC functionality the customer must pay careful attention
to the power dissipation on the part due to the Iout stage. The COMPdc-dc and
SW pins should be left floating and the GNDSWx pins should connected to GND.
Also remember that the output stage is supplied by the Vboost pins, so a
voltage must be supplied at these pins in the range 7.5V to 33V.

c) Hopefully you can see this cutting I’ve taken from a document on the
transfer function: