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AD5791 question re Gain of Two Configuration

I have a short question regarding the AD5791 DAC IC. On page 26 of the
datasheet it tells about the Gain of Two Configuration. The expression of the
span appears as: from 2x Vrefn-Vrefp to Vrefp. Taking the case when Vrefn=0 and
Vrefp=10, does this mean [-10,+10]? As there are no paranthesis, I suppose that
this is the right calculation (mostly because the datasheet specifies that this
is the case to generate bipolar output using single ended reference input). Or
should one take as 2x(Vrefn-Vrefp) which would result in the range of [-20,10]?


The correct output voltage for this configuration is +/-10V. I see your concern
for the explanation of the “formula”…. We will make changes to clarify this on
the next revision of the datasheet.

Thanks for highlighting this, there must be other customers wondering what the
correct voltage will be output as well.