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AD698: 6 wire sensor connection

I am planing to do a distance  measurement system using LVDT E100 series from
schaevitz and using AD598 or AD698. I want  measurement accuracy of 1 microns.
please  suggest me a good LVDT signal conditioner IC with application notes.
I need information on AD 698 IC,  Does this IC only work for 3 & 4 wire LVDT?
Will it work for 6 wire LVDTs as the data sheet says its for bridge type LVDT? 
If it works for 6 wire also please suggest me how do I make connections (is it
possible by shorting the two adjacent leads of the secondary leads and connect
it to AD698 as 4 wire is connected).


I would suggest using the AD598 for a 6 wire sensor as this part was especially
designed for 5 and 6 wires LVDTs. However I still believe that the AD698 can
work with this sensor but the connection should look like one in the Figure 5.
The best way to do it is to tie together two secondary outputs between the
coils hence it will result in differential output which should be connected to
the A inputs of the AD698 device.

Nevertheless I would suggest the AD598 as best alternative here.