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AD698: Power supply

I have a question to the AD698. To reduce the power dissipation we like to
supply this device with ±12V.  The output voltage is ±5V with a exc. voltage of
2.2V rms.
Is for this ±12V good enough?


I'm afraid we don't have a lot of information on this part. I know that it will
work with +/-9V supplies. I have a note from the original designer (who is no
longer in ADI) which says that it can be made to work at +/-8V by either moving
the ground to make it +10V, -6V or by offsetting the output to operate in
unipolar mode.
I have set it up on the bench with +/-6.5V supplies and it seems to  work but
this is not a guarantee. I think you should ask the customer  if he can
increase his supplies to at least +/-9V. You should also make sure he is aware
that the datasheet specs are not guaranteed when using  supply voltages less
than those recommended in the datasheet. We do  not have any characterisation
data on supplies below those in the datasheet.