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AD698: phase lead / phase lag compensation

When the phase shift value is -4, how to decide which network should be use,
phase lag or phase lead?
For example: when the phase of –ACOMP is faster than ACOMP, we should use the
phase lag network to do the phase compensation?


Phase Lead and Phase Lag circuits are used to compensate phase shift between
primary and secondary windings of LVDT sensor. Because the AD698 device is
demodulating input signals from the carrier frequency phase information is

For example when in your customer’s system phase shift value is ‘– 4 deg’
between Excitation outputs and AIN inputs they should use phase lead circuit to
achieve the same phase shift on ACOMP inputs to the part (also ‘– 4 deg’).
Basically the goal here is to have ACOMP and AIN signals in phase.