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AD5627R Output is not rising higher than 0,3V


I have a Problem with the AD5627R. (in MSOP Package)

The Output is not Rising higher than 0,3V (@ 0x0FFF),  When I change the Input the Output follows so I can see it works somehow.

I am using the internal reference ( I have 2,42V on the reference pin) but I  also tried to switch it off and use an external 2,5V reference. In this Case my maximal Output is 0,15V

I also tried to change the supply Voltage   from 3V3 to 5V, but nothing changes.

I Pulled the LDAC to Low and CLR to High,

For Initialisation I set the Internal Reference :On and the Power Down Mode: Normal Mode.

I write every 50ms one Channel

Also I Can see on my Logic Analyzer that the Conversation is good.

Anyone a Idea, it will be very helpfull.