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AD5760 Setup Issue


We are trying to get an output from the AD5760 Evaluation board which is connected to a Raspberry Pi 3 through SPI communication. I have connected the SYNC, SDIN, SDO, and SCLK pins on the board to the Pi. The Vcc is connected to 5 V on the Pi and the DGND is connected to the Pi's ground. There is 10 V between the Vdd and AGND and -7.5 V between Vss and AGND which is connected to a Tektronics power supply.

I have also configured the Link options as follows to get 0-10V output range from the Vout_buff

LK1 = Position B (source from Connector J1)

LK2 = positive reference voltage source is +10V

LK3 = Position A (unity gain)

LK4 = removed

LK5 = Reset is logic high

LK6 = CLR is logic high

LK7 = LDAC is logic high

LK8 = negative reference voltage is AGND

LK11 = removed

So far, the Vout_buff only generates 0 V or fluctuates between 0.3-0.5 V. We are not sure if there is a hardware setup issue or a software issue. The code is attached below.