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Fifo timing details ad5383?

The datasheet (rev D) on the ad5383 seems to mention very little on the timing of the parallel data transfer in Fifo mode. From fig7 is seems that I need to wait t9=700ns between two write pulses which seems very long and seems to be in disagreement with the timing presented in the plot in fig28. Can these timing details be found somewhere else?

  • Hi Jov,

    Kindly refer to Figure 48 and the "UTILIZING THE FIFO" section for additional timing information on AD5383's FIFO.

    When in FIFO mode, this would allow the user to operate in full speed and t9 will no longer apply. 20ns for low (t3) and 20 ns for high (t8). This means that every write to the digital block will be 40ns. You can see this on the "WITH FIFO (DIGITAL LOADING TIME)" line on Figure 29.

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  • Thanks Rainier,

    Indeed this is clear now. I overlooked fig48 as it was weirdly placed after the application examples while the other timing is detailed before that.