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AD5692R I2C Clock Stretching by Master

Hello, i am using the AD5692R with I2C-Interface. I write the data to the DAC by sending 4 bytes via I2C with 600 kHz I2C-clock.

Because of timing-restrictions in the host-cpu the cpu holds the clock-line low after 2 first 2 bytes of the 4-byte transmission. After 200 µs the host continues the communication and writes the other 2 bytes into the DAC.

I already tested these procedure and it works with my actual timings. I have added a scope picture with the transmission of the 4 byte.

My Question is: Can i rely that the AD5692R will always accept these 4 Bytes as 1 command. Or is there any time limit or time out when the AD5692R will discard the first 2 Bytes?

Thank you.

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