Key features of the AD5700/AD5700-1 HART Modem

What are the key features of the AD5700 & AD5700-1 HART Modem products?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 9, 2012 10:58 AM over 8 years ago
    • The AD5700 is the industry's lowest power HART Modem - particularly important in loop-powered industrial field insturments with a very constrained overall power budget.Through the use of proprietary design techniques, this device consumes 38% less power than alternative solutions, and this power saving enables system engineers designing smart sensor applications to reduce their power budgets, increase the clocking rate of their control unit and thus increase overall system efficiency and functionality.
    • By utilising both state-of-the art semiconductor processes and innovative design techniques, the AD5700 is the smallest complete HART Modem on the market. It also requires the minimum number of support components which provides additional space saving and signal chain simplifications. The AD5700 is housed in a small 4*4 LFCSP package and provides greater than 75 percent saving in board area over competing products. In analog I/O modules, the reduction in board space, made possible by the AD5700 modem IC, enables the per-channel inclusion of HART, without the need to increase system form factor.
    • The AD5700-1 is the first modem to incorporate an internal low-power 0.5% accurate oscillator, internal receive filtering and an internally buffered HART output. These features reduce the number of external components required on your PCB, eliminating the need for external clock sources or crystals, active filtering components and buffering.
    • The AD5700 HART modem IC is compliance registered with the HART Communication Foundation. The AD5700 Reference Demo, was developed by ADI and utilises the AD5421 and the AD5700 Modem. This circuit has been compliance tested, verified and registered as an approved HART solution by the HART Communication Foundation. This certification confirms that the AD5700 adheres to the HART protocol requirements and hence the use of this IC, simplifies design challenges, by accounting for all physical layer requirements.
    • The AD5700 is also the first modem specified for operation over the extended temperature range of –40°C to +125°C.
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    on May 8, 2019 10:45 AM over 1 year ago
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