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Error rate of capacitor between EXT_CAP and Vss

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD5271

I'm using two AD5271 in pallarell, one for control brightness of LED and one for control sensitivity photo diode.
Datasheet discribes 1uF capacitor should be connected between EXT_CAP and Vss and the voltage rating of capacitor should be ≧7V.

My question is error rate of capacitance.
In my board, both AD5271 has 1uF capacitor between EXT_CAP and Vss, and most of boards works fine, but some boards fell into uncontrolable state of RDAC value, and the capacitor of these boards are corrupted in short-mode.

So I want to know the error rate of capacitance.
If you have any suggestions or information, let me know.