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AD5062 MUPS?

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In my application I want to run the AD5062 with 1MUPS.

According to the timing specification in the datasheet, SCLK can be as high as 30MHz and while maintaining the other timing requirements imposed by the datasheet, I can send new code to the DAC every 1us. However, the DAC output is updated every second code only.

Is there further limits regarding the MUPS? I've observed that when increasing the nSYNC high time (t8 in the datasheet, page 5) to around 230ns, the DAC then updates its output on every code update, however this slows down the update rate to less than 1MUPS.

What is the specification on MUPS of AD5062?

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    AD3551R is a great choice! It is part of our fast precision DACs portfolio. One variant of this family that you could look at as well is the AD3541R. It has the output amplifier inside the same package. Should you need any help, feel free to post questions in the Precision DACs forum. Cheers!

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