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AD5687R reaback

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD5687R

Hi I am DFAE in Japan.

AD5687R read back operation is explained as following in the datasheet.

“1. Write 0x900000 to the AD5689R/AD5687R input register.

This setting configures the part for read mode with the Channel A DAC register selected.

Note that all data bits, DB15 to DB0, are don’t care bits. “

According to table8, I  think 0x900000 is wrong.

When DAC A is read back, should 0x910000 written to AD5687R ?

When DAC B is read back, should 0x980000 written to AD5687R ?

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    Hi  ,

    The readback instructions provided under the "Readback Operation" where 0x900000 will be used is just an example where you will perform a readback on Channel A as default. For DAC…

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