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DC590B & DC2692A Msg : Cannot load COM module for the device

Product Number: DC590B
Software Version: K1117

Just as the original post, I have a DC590B and a DC2692A (LTC2662-16) I'd like to use in conjunction with the QuikEval software. After the initial error message of not being able to load the COM module for the attached device, I found your answer pointing me to the separate download for the driver required for the LTC2662-16. Unfortunately, unlike for the original poster, this did not result in being able to make a connection to the board. It still says 'Cannot load COM module for the device' despite rebooting the machine and executing the QuikEval app with administrator privileges. I would appreciate any additional suggestions on how to make the software work.


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    Hi  ,

    As per the SW team, kindly try NOT to run QuikEval and instead run the installed GUI directly, that will avoid the “Cannot load COM module”. There should be a shortcut labelled “LTC2662 and…

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