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Sample Delay in AD5542A

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: AD5542A

We are using an AD5542A with the LDAC pin tied to GND. 

When we send a new value to the DAC, it does not appear in the output of the device immediately. The new value appears on the output when the next value is sent, so it generates a one-sample delay.

It seems that the value is transferred to the "16-BIT DAC LATCH" register but not directly to the "16-BIT DAC" register, and when a new value is received, the old value is transferred to the "16-BIT DAC" register.

Is this the normal operation of the device and how can this delay be eliminated?

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    Hi Aritz, 

    We tried this in the lab and it is working fine on our setup at 50MHz spi clock. But when I checked it, what I'm testing is the AD5542A and not the AD5542. 

    In line with that, could you check the timings on your spi line. The AD5542 has different timing specs that could lead to a delayed response. 

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