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AD3542RFMCZ - Is any board setting is require to get vout ? why vout is always shows the negative value near about -240mv with any ch0_ch1_outrange selected ?

Hii, I am trying to interface fpga board with evaluation kit ad3542RFMCZ. I have 4 wire to eval board cs, spi_clk, mosi/sdi, ldac of p5 connector 7, 8, 10,15. I am checking only one channel 0,but vout is zero (vout=0). to get output at vout i initialize ch0_dac_16B. i have also initialize other configuration register such as REFERENCE CONFIG (0X15),TRANSFER_REGISTER (0X0F),INTERFACE_CONFIG_B (0X01),INTERFACE_CONFIG_B,CH0_CH1_OUTPUT_RANGE, CH0_DAC_16B(0x29), CH0_DAC_16B(0x2A) still vout is negative mv (-240mv). why?

IF I am using the 12 V to +12V_FMC at pin 1 of connector P5 and 1.8 v to POWER_ON_FMC at pin 2 pin 1 of connector P5.
To the fpga to interface with Evaluation kit AD3542R.
why vout give near about -240mv? CH0_CH1_OUTPUT_RANGE is 00000001.
it should be 0 to 5 volt. IF I CHANGE THE OUTPUT VOLTAGE RANGE vout give near about -240mv why?

I am using class SPI mode of communication and single instruction mode. To send 16 -bit address according to data sheet AD3542R. It has two address for MSB (CHO_DAC_16B=0X29)and LSB (CHO_DAC_16B=0X2A). First I am sending MSB address and 8 bit data than LSB address and 8 bit data.

I am using fast mode. single channel. but vout is zero. All settings in board are default. Is address and data assign is wrong or correct. Is there any other requirement to get vout?

please reply as soon as possible.