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Issue with AD5141 EEPROM in linear gain mode

Category: Software
Product Number: AD5141


I expect to use a AD5141 10k in linear gain mode and store RAW and RWB in EEPROM.
INDEP signal is tied to VLOGIC.

When I program RAW and RWB (command 1), it works fine : I am able to get RAW=10k and RWB=10k when I load RAW=RWB=0xFF.

But when I try to load RAW and RWB in EEPROM, the device does not power-up with the right value : with RAW=RWB=0xFF, INDEP=logic_1, i get RAW=RWB=5K

Does anybody can held me to program correctly EEPROM to get RAW=RWB=10k at power-up?


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    Hi  ,

    You have to save it on the correct address of EEPROM, it is specified in Table 14 on the datasheet. You can try to readback the EEPROM contents to check if it shows 0xFF or not. After checking…

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