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Frequent failure in AD694 in field

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD694 4-20mA transmitter

We have observed frequent failure in AD694 in the field. We sent the few sample to ADI and they said  units has failed due to Electrically Induced Physical Damage (EIPD) as evidenced by damaged passivation layer and burnt/reflowed metallization directly connected on the pins of the units with abnormal I/V curve trace..

I have used same schematic as given in datasheet of AD694 with minor changes for adding some protection. They did not say anything on precautionary actions or change in design required.

I also want to simulate the circuit in Altium, But I did not find any Spice model. If anyone has the spice model. please share it to me.

Thanks & Regards

Divakar Nath Singh

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  • Hi  ,

    Unfortunately, there are currently no available spice model and we do not have any immediate plans in the future for developing an LTspice model for this particular part.

    Best Regards…