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Weird overshoot LTC2641

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC2641


I am testing a new prototype board using the LTC2641 - 16 bit DAC. I am sending the DAC a single command asking for 0.5v for 50ms, then a clear signal is sent. The pulse is repeated every second for initial testing  

The problem I am having is that the output is not a square wave with a 1x probe or ez clips/bnc cable. See attached image. The output has some overshoot but it is atypical overshoot IMO. With a 10x probe, the output looks more like a square wave. I have tested several different leads and several different oscilloscopes/ADCs and the results are the same. 

To isolate the problem, U1 and C2 are not populated. I have tried shorting R2 and various other values with no change. 


(Cropped) Board schematic: