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AD541 2 use V*I short output issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5412

The customer use AD5412 as 4-20mA solution output, but when set full scale/ low scale current output . The output  can't output 20mA (17.5mA  Actual) and 4mA.

The CIRCUIT as below:

in the spec there's note that the Rset can improve the IOUT temperature drift performance, the customer just use general 1% accuarcy.

Boost Pin connect DIODE is ok or not?

 so please check circuit and advice the way to output 4-20mA full scale output. Thanks a lot.

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    Mar 21, 2023 +1 verified


    Do not connect boost with diode. This is only for external transistor setup. Also don't let -VSENSE floating, connect to GND when not used. Also check you voltage headroom. 

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