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AD5669R - how to use multi byte operation on I2C

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ad5669R

In the datasheet for AD5669R page Page 24. Multi byte operation (MB mode) it says:

"A 2-byte operation is useful for applications that require fast DAC updating and do not need to change the command byte."

I cannot figure out how this works because the subsequent description is unclear. It says

"The S bit (DB22) in the command register can be set to 1 for the 2-byte mode of operation. For standard 3-byte and 4-byte operation, the S bit (DB22) in the command byte should be set to 0."

So the command is 1001, but then the description mentions the S bit (DB22) being set in command register. But this would mean that the command register value should change from 1001 to 1101 which is a reserved command. Then again suppose it means that the 3-4 byte standard command should have B22 set would for instance change command 0000 to Power down 0100 - again clearly not the explanation.

I don't think the datasheet is adequate in explaining this function.

  1. Can you explain how _is_ Multi byte operation enabled?
  2. What can it do?
  3. How is it used?

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  • Hi  ,

    The AD5669R device has a feature called multi byte operation (MB mode) that lets you update one or more DACs with less data. This can make your I2C communication faster and more efficient. You…

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