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CN0540 + Arduino Or CN0540 + DE10-Nano FPGA, what should I use ?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: CN0540

Hello everyone, 

I bought your product, the EVAL-CN0540-ARDZ,CN0540 + Arduino Uno and I saw on your website  " "that this card ( CN0540 ) can be powered by an Arduino Uno and  I've tried so long time to communicate between the two  but I didn’t get any results, on the other hand, I see that you've linked a device driver Device driver  which is for the ADC " AD7768-1 ",Linux driver, so now I am wondering how can I use this driver and I am using an Arduino ??? 

Again, on your website you mentioned 

Software Projects and Platforms

but you didn't give an example for using an Arduino with the CN0540, or any Arduino code to communicate between the CN0540 and the Arduino ????

So, should I forget about using an Arduino and get a DE10-Nano FPGA or what ?

Please I am waiting for your answer, Thank you.

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