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AD5611 analog output

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ad5611

Hello All,

I am working with AD5611. I wrote a code to adjust output of AD5611. When I try to send 466 decimal to AD5611 the scope screen capture is as follows.

Yellow is SYNC bar, Blue is CLK, Purple is SDIN and Green is out of AD5611. Some how on 8th falling edge DAC updates its output. I could not understand that?

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      The new one has same response

      On the same or different board?

      The slow signal transition at the output of the optocoupler can also be a problem. The datasheet says: "All input signals…

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      This is an unusual response. Are you using eval board or custom hardware? can you share the schematic? What's the VDD voltage level? Clock frequency?

      On the first plot, dec 466 should output to 2.27V, assuming 1V/div, the change is around 2.5V. did the output settle on 2.27V after the spi write? around 10-20us after sync high what is the vout voltage?

      Best regards,


    • Hello Ian,

      I am using custom hardware that I made. The schematic is as follows. R7 is not populated. Output is floating right now.

      Voltage for AD5611 is 5V. I use ADR435 to supply 5V. My clock frequency is around 166Hz.

      Output does not follow any logic right now. If I send 466 Sometimes I get 2.27 sometimes 80mV. Output stays like that does not change. When I set logic high the sync pin nothing happens. When I power up board and send first 16 bits sometimes nothing happens. sometimes after 6 th clock output update itself. sometimes 8th clock cycle. sometimes output changes on rising clock cycle too. I am hand soldering the IC. Maybe I damage the component but I am not new to hand soldering.