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EVAL-AD5676RARDZ Arduino interface using SPI P_MOD pins

Product Number: EVAL-AD5676RARDZ

Hey everyone,

I am new to Analog Eval boards and bought the EVAL-AD5676RARDZ to control 8 channels from the DAC. 

Since it has an Arduino Interface, can I just use it as a shield and attached it on top of a regular arduino? Or is it not compatible and Need the SDP-K1 board?


If not, I did solder some leads to the SPI_PMOD  and wired up the Arduino. 

I have pin PMOD_V connected to 3.3V

GND to arduino GND

SCLK to CLK of Arduino pin

SDIN to MOSI line of Arduino pin

and SYNCb to cs from arduino Pin 

I am having trouble sending out the 24 bits of data to the Chip.  I tried following the guide from

and of course reading the datasheet. 

I Left all the jumper cables as default.

I am powering the P8 pins using the Arduino 5V. 

I am doing a simple command to the eval board.


My SPI settings are default. So I just used SPI.begin();


spi.transfer(0x30); //this selects command 0011, and channel VOUT0

Spi.transfer(0xAA); //this is the first 8 bit of the 16 bit value

SPI.transfer(0xAA);  //second set of 8 bits of 16 value


I chose 0xAAAA as the 16 bit value to easily read from Logic software

I am using the LOGIC Logic analyzer and my timing diagram is way off. 

Any help would be appreciated it. 

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    We've designed the evalboard to be compatible with most if not all Arduino host boards. Do check the schematic if your host board pinout matches before mounting it as a shield. 

    The hex code…