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Correct QuikEval software for DC2156A (LTC2946) demo board? We see "Cannot load COM module for device"

Category: Software
Product Number: LTC2946, QuikEval, DC2156A, DC590B

We'd really like to use the LTC2946 in our design; we have purchased the DC2156A board from o ne of your distis along with its recommended DC590B QuikEval board.

But... there is no software! The DC590B, as marketed by ADI, is _supposed_ to include a windows GUI for inspecting and setting the various LTC2946 registers and results, etc. It is described on Page 12 of the user manual (

The DC2156A has an eeprom on it that tells the DC590B where to find the software, but it does not work - its probably an outdated link to some directory on the old LTC site.

Can you please tell us where to find the correct ".msi" or other file needed, so we can install it manually? Unfortunately we can't use the tool to evaluate the LTC2946 without the software GUI intended for the demo board. Thanks