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PC cannot recognize SDP-S controlling EVAL-AD5535B

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5535

I am using an AD5535B to control the voltage applied to the EO pump. I control it by sending signals to the test pins on the board (SCLK, Din, SS) for real-time control. Just the other day, I tried to control the board by the SDP-S connecting it to a PC, but the PC could not recognize the SDP-S . I assumed that my evaluation board had failed, I purchased a new AD5535B but am experiencing the same problem. I investigated the cause of this and found that when I supplied 5V and 100V power to the board, about 5V was input to RESET, Din, and SCLK. If the voltage is applied before the signal is sent to the test pins except RESET, the signal will not be transmitted correctly. I would like to know the cause of the sudden loss of control, the reason why the PC cannot recognize the SDP-S, and the cause of the voltage on the test pins Din and SCLK before sending signals to the test pins on the board. I am currently inquiring about this issue with officials as well.

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