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About the SFDR and THD specification of AD3551R and LTC1668

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD3551, LTC1668


We find a new DAC of ADI, AD3551R. This might be the right product for our bio-instruments. We would like to generate a tone with high precision (THD>90dB) within the 1KHz to 1.2MHz frequency range, with high precision, high speed and low temperature drift.

1, Figure 33 and Figure 36 only show the THD v.s. frequency within the range of 100KHz, does AD3551R supports generating a tone above 100KHz, i.e., 1MHz tone? What's the specification of SFDR and THD of AD3551R (as well as LTC1668) within the frequency range 1KHz ~ 1MHz? What's the recommended high speed, precision amplifier suggested to be used with AD3551 in the high-frequency end (800KHz ~ 1.2MHz)?

2, We found that LTC1668, page 5, Figure 6, The SFDR v.s. frequency. LTC1668 could generate a single tone of 1MHz with >90dBFS SFDR with a update rate 5MSPS. Is AD3551R superior or inferior to LTC1668 in generating a tone of high frequency, 800KHz ~ 1.2MHz? 

3, which one should I choose for our product, AD3551R or LTC1668?